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Family Pomatomidae, BLUEFISHES Pomatomus saltatrix


Description: color blue or greenish blue on back, sides silvery; mouth large; teeth prominent, sharp, and compressed; dorsal and anal fins nearly the same size; scales small; lateral line almost straight.

Similar Fish: blue runner, C. crysos.


Where found: young usually INSHORE spring and summer, moving OFFSHORE to join adults fall and winter; strong migration of northeast Atlantic stock to Florida east coast in winter.


Size: most west coast catches under 3 pounds, much larger on east coast.


Florida Record: 22 lbs., 3 oz.


Remarks: travels in large schools, following schools of baitfish; cannibalistic; all members of a given school about the same size; spawning occurs OFFSHORE in spring and summer.


Photo Above: We caught this Bluefish in New Pass, not far from our dock. It was 36 inches long and weighed 18 pounds. This was a very large blue for Florida! The average size for Florida bluefish is about three pounds and a large fish may go six pounds.


General: A wide ranging pelagic species which travels in large schools. Predatory and very voracious; schools of bluefish destroy large school of anchovies, mackerel, etc. The bluefish is a favorite hard-biting sport fish and also an important commercial species. Bluefish have a strong flavor but is eaten by many who love stronger testing fish.


Size: Up to 48 in, 31 lb. The average for the north east coast is 10-15 lbs.


Distribution: Worldwide in warm seas; may be found in the open sea, off ocean beaches, and in estuaries.



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1708 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Dock 3, Sarasota, FL 34236



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