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Cuda Hole GPS: 2714.398 - 8245.326: This ledge is called Table Rock and is one of many in the Cuda Hole area. You will often find dive boats on this spot but the area is miles big and you should have no problem finding your own ledge to fish. The ledges are 2-5 feet high and will show fish on your recorder. This ledge is in 49' of water. Run a 246° mc for 9.54 miles form New Pass.


Gully: Another large area with ledges that will hold grouper and snapper. A 259° mc for 10.29 miles out of New Pass will put you in the area.


Swiss Cheese: This is a hard bottom area and you will not see much on your bottom recorder. I call it a Drift & Mark area! Red and gag grouper like this area and we drift it with live bait on the bottom. When we hook a nice fish we through out the marker and work the area. The area is large and starts at about 70' and runs out to over 85'. A 250° mc for 18 miles out of New Pass will get you started. In the summer you can often find dolphin and other Blue water fish in this area.


Old Barge GPS 2709.694 - 8253.053: The Old barge is very old and in 80' feet of water but is the first place I start to look for large amberjack. You will probably see the fish before you see what's left of the barge. There is some good snapper fishing close by and you are not far from the Swiss Cheese. A 249.6° mc for 17.69 miles from the New Pass sea marker is the Rang & Bearing.


Point of Rocks GPS 2714.224 - 8231.829: Warning, this place has large rock just under the waters surface for some ways out from the beach. This is an out cropping of rocks and ledges on Siesta Key beach and can hold a large variety of fish. I like to fish it with a offshore wind or no wind but not a strong onshore wind. Trout, snook, mackerel, tarpon, jacks, grouper, snapper and cobia are just some of the fish we have caught here, when they are on the bite. This area can also be fished from land.


Casey Key Beach / Grassy Key GPS 2709.517 - 8229.405: Location, 11 nm at a 152° mc. Larger boats should detour around Big Pass sand bar. The Casey Key beach area has grass and the 25' depth area has 5' to 8' ledges. The area is known for Tarpon, trout, snapper and grouper.


I-1 Artificial Reef (Silvertooth) GPS 2717.178 - 8235.987: Location, 1.74 nm at a 187° mc. Depth 25'.

I-2 Artificial Reef (Fisher) GPS 2718.096 - 8237.201: Location, 1.43 nm at a 239° mc. Depth 30'.

I-3 Artificial Reef (Roehr) GPS 2718.204 - 8235.535: Location, 0.78 nm at a 160° mc. Depth 24'.

M-1 Artificial Reef GPS 2719.159 - 8243.208: Location, 6.52 nm at a 276° mc. Depth 40'.

M-2 Artificial Reef GPS 2718.734 - 8242.976: Location, 6.31 nm at a 272' mc. Depth 40'.

M-3 Artificial Reef GPS 2716.742 - 8243.211: Location, 6.87 nm at a 256° mc. Depth 40'.

M-4 Artificial Reef GPS 2715.164 - 8243.164: Location, 7.49 nm at a 244° mc. Depth 40'.

M-5 Artificial Reef GPS 2713.416 - 8243.144: Location, 8.49 nm at a 234° mc. Depth 40'.

M-6 Artificial Reef GPS 2711.196 - 8243.633: Location, 11.1 nm at a 258° mc. Depth 50'.

M-7 Artificial Reef GPS 2716.256 - 8247.995: Location, 11.1 nm at a 260° mc. Depth 52'.

M-8 Artificial Reef GPS 2712.685 - 8248.201: Location, 12.5 nm at a 243° mc. Depth 60'. (Tank #8)

M-8 Artificial Reef GPS 2712.537 - 8248.000: Location, 12.6 nm at a 244° mc. Depth 60' (Boxcars)

M-9 Artificial Reef GPS 2704.350 - 8242.034: Location, 15.5 nm at a 205° mc. Depth 60'. (Tanks)

M-16 Artificial Reef GPS 2703.830 - 8235.740: Location, 15.1 nm at a 183° mc. Depth 49'.

3 Mile Reef in Manatee County, Artificial. GPS 2726.510 - 8244.810 Location, 11.0 nm at a 318° mc. Depth 30'

1 Mile Reef in Manatee County, Artificial. GPS 2729.500 - 8244.000 Location, 12.8 nm at a 330° mc. Depth 27'


[nm] Nautical Mile. [mc] Magnetic Compass.



CAUTION: You may find skinny or no water between you and your destination when traveling on the bay.


Longbar: GPS 2724.838 - 8237.857 Trout and redfish year round. Look for Gator trout during the summer. The bar runs east and west across the entire north end of the bay, except for the ICW cut. Fish along the grass on the south side. Good fishing but very shallow water north of the bar. Dinghy, canoe or flats boat are excellent for fishing from north of the bar to the small Mangrove islands further north.


Helicopter Bar: GPS 2733.937 - 8236.916 Shoal marker on east end of bar. Drift the grass for trout. This shoal runs west to within a 1/2 mile of the shore line. Run along the south side for deeper water. Has very deep water on west end, between Whale Key and north edge of shoal, good for Summer tarpon at first and last light.


Steven's Point: GPS 2722.562 - 8234.257 Grass flats off of the Ringling home, 2' - 4' depth. Drift for trout and pompano.


Zwicks channel: GPS 2720.845 - 8235.744: North entrance. Good for winter trout along the east bank. Snook, drum and grouper possible year round along the west side and in the finger canals.


Buttonwood Harbor: GPS 2724.013 - 8237.604: First marker to entrance. Buttonwood Harbor holds some nice snook, redfish and trout.


Rim Canal S. Entrance: GPS 2721.212 - 8236.250: This Longboat Key Canal runs north to Buttonwood harbor. Many docks and finger canals to look for redfish, snook and sheephead. Protected water, a good place to fish on cold, windy winter days.

Before entering Rim Canal: To the north you have miles of grass to fish for trout but lookout for the skinny water. To the south, along Country Club Shores, you have deep water and patches of grass. Some times we have a good bite here.


Hart's Reef: GPS 2722.133 - 8234.477. Scattered piles of ruble, depth 10'. A large variety of fish can be caught here, bottom fishing and drifting.


Middle Grounds: GPS 2720.932 - 8234.262: Large grass flats, north of the New Pass sand bar. This area holds trout and all other open water species. Drifting is best! This GPS number is on the north edge of a shallow bar, so watch your drift.



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